Not in Dallas? All workshops are available as kits.

The Engineering Behind Workshop Series


Teach students basic concepts behind everyday technology. These workshops simplify the technology around us, providing students with engineering examples they can easily relate to. 

At the end of each workshop, students will understand a different concept behind the technology, brainstorm different design challenges, and apply their learning to other examples they've seen. 


Other Workshop Offerings

We also offer other workshop options including:

  • Workshop series presented by our staff
  • Custom workshops for specific learning needs
  • Design best practices for interns and first year engineers

Reach out to use and understand more


HAK Popups

HAK Popups are a way of introducing our method of teaching engineering into a community. We focus on actual learning, so we host multi-hour workshops where students develop teambuilding skills.

Come with a problem, leave with a solution. 

STEM Social Saturdays


I have a son/daughter that is under 8. Can they still come?

We will accept students 4-8 with parent supervision to see how the child responds to building and learning at a faster pace. We're building curriculum specifically for our 4-8 year olds, but we need you to sign up to let us know there's interest. 

If you want more events for students 4-8, sign up here: 

Can I drop my student off?

Yes! we allow this. We also have parents that stay and volunteer/mingle. (Soon there will be cool food places next door :)). 

HAK Electronics Tech + Fashion Challenge

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HAK Electronics Store Link Coming Soon.

Subscribe to get an invite to our trial event. We'll bes testing out some of the techniques for the main event.

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