Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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What does HAK electronics offer?

HAK Electronics offers workshops, curriculum, and summer camps. We also offer our materials as kits that you can purchase to teach HAK content in your own school/organization. 

How long are the workshop?

The minimum workshop time is 1 hour, but engineering is a deep topic. To fully comprehend the concepts, 4 hours is ideal. We also have additional material for a series to cover 9 hours.

How many students can a workshop accommodate?

If you’ve taught a lab or class with the students before, any number can participate. Just make sure each student has their own HAKboard to take home.

Who is presenting the workshop?

We provide simple and concise materials in a way that allows anyone to understand and teach the workshops.


where are you located?

We're located in Dallas, Texas, but we do workshops all over the nation. We also have online curriculum and classes available on special request.

What is soldering?

Soldering is the process of heating a metal with a low melting point to a liquid such that it can connect wires when the metal cools. Think of it as the engineer’s glue gun. If your students use a glue gun, they can solder.

Case studies?

Case studies can be found at our successful students section here

I never took engineering… etc.?

We take the years of late night study sessions, and condense it into a teacher guidebook. This guidebook is filled with helpful explanations, examples and questions students may ask.