Harry Andrew Kennedy Jr.  

- Founder and CEO

Harry A. Kennedy is the founder and CEO of HAK Electronics, LLC, where he also serves as the lead STEM teacher for advanced students. Harry’s passion for education and teaching was birthed during his tenure at Texas Instruments. There he quickly learned his talent for education surrounding technical engineering concepts while working with engineers globally. He used that skill while recruiting and volunteering to teach the functionality of devices that go into cell phones, computers and cars.

In 2017, Harry left Texas Instruments to focus on HAK Electronics full-time. In June of that year he opened his first innovation lab in Dallas, Texas, with a focus on developing student talent. Now, with over 600 students successfully impacted to date through either a workshop, summer camp, and/or curriculum. HAK continues to be culturally influential in the DFW market, by breaking down complex engineering concepts through hands on experience with everyday tech items. Thus improving students overall STEM proficiency--proving any student can learn how to create dope technology using circuits.

Additional engineering industry experience include work at Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and General Electric. Harry Kennedy is a alumnus of The Ohio State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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Still asking why Harry?

  • Adept Electrical Engineer

    • Experienced circuit board designer, with new product development skills

    • Focused on problem solving, and showcasing the value behind the work

  • Experienced Presenter

    • Hands on workshops recruiting with Texas Instruments, Inc.

      • Mentored students with a focus on understanding the "Why"

      • Taught board design and lab skills to 40 college engineers

    • Presented and spoke to over 500 students as an organizational chair

  • Strong Industry Experience

    • Presented an individual company project to Senior VPs

      • Through a top talent, program after working 12 months (typically offered at 3-8 years)

    • Supports an automotive family penetrating into a $700M market

    • Explains how to implement devices into diverse customer systems

    • Published documents promoting devices for customer's end equipment

HAK Electronics Team


Darin Carter
Business Development Lead


Sakennia Reed
Curriculum Lead


Oscar Yu
Product Development Lead