HAK PopUp: Oakland, CA

What's included in a workshop?

Students will learn about the key piece to every electronic device in the world - Circuits

Specifically, students will: 

  • Create a paper circuit that they take home. The circuit will light up.
  • Work on a breadboard circuit to understand how engineers prototype and problem solve.
  • Draw different types of circuits and understand how to communicate using the same notation as engineers around the world.
  • Solder their very own HAKboard circuit that changes colors. 
  • Learn terminology and concepts taught in college engineering classes, but in an environment that's not intimidating. 

Student Success

Parent Testimonial

 [H]e’s showing me that he actually has an understanding of how it works and why it works and that’s really important because It’s easy to tell them, and to show them, and to have them think, “oh this is cool,” but to actually have them be a part of making it work and grasping the concepts so that they can actually use it in another way...

[H]e’s like, “it’s so cool, it works.” I’m like, “yea it is,” but you wouldn’t have known that if he hadn’t shown you the fundamentals to make it work...
It was really cool to see that you actually taught them. And…. I mean you managed to have the little kids sitting here quietly and a bunch of teenagers sitting there quietly and that is a feat in itself. So it was really really cool. 
I look forward to seeing what else you guys do, and I’d love to figure out how we can buy some of the stuff to do it at home. I don’t know if you have more workshops that we can pay to attend or whatever but it would be awesome to be a part of it…

- Enthusiastic mother of three attendees.