YMCA Class 7/2/18

Below is the PDF. Have the students fold the sheet in half. The evaluation is the first part of the class. 

Student Evaluations

Each student should fill out the evaluation portion of the sheet of paper. They should hand it in 1 per person.

No group work is allowed here. 


Next. Students need to be in groups of 4. There should be 7 groups (28 students total). 

  • First gather the students into their groups. Then task them to come up with a team name.

  • As a preliminary exercise we're going to do the human knot as a quick test to see how the groups work together.

    • human knot is where everyone in the group crosses their own hands and grabs hold of a person next to them. Then they must "untangle" themselves without letting go of each other's hands.

  • After the human knot (they can try 2-3 times, there are going to be questions and people trying to simplify the knot).


Design Project Rules

Now that we've created things with Motors, LEDs, and other components. It's now time to think of their own project they want to make. The goal of the design project is to create something that could help around the house or solve a problem. 

Students are to follow the second half of the worksheet. They should fill in their team name. Each student should have a role (electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, etc.). Also they should actually try to agree upon and draft out their project design. We plan to make a working version just like the motor cars we made in the last class. This includes for them to think of how they would design their project, what materials might they need, and what challenges will they run into.

Each team should have the answers to the worksheet questions written on paper to hand in. It needs to be legible for us to look over later.  

 They are then to present with the last ~20 minutes of class where each team comes to the front and answers the questions. 


At the end of the class, every student should hand in their evaluation. They should also hand in their sheet that they worked on as a group. We will use this for following classes to actually create a demo of the projects they proposed. 


  • Students can use their phone to Youtube examples of projects (ex. CES 2018 highlight videos)

  • How big can the project be?

    • It has to fit inside a backpack

    • It also needs to be battery powered.

  • What type of project are the students working on.