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Current Employees

Log your hours

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New Employees

Onboarding Checklist

  • Join the Groupme (Ask Harry for access)

  • Take a Background Check

    • DISD and UT Arlington

  • Send Harry your avialibility, and location of Dallas.

  • Provide your t shirt size

What to Expect

Unless otherwise noted, please be prepared to help out with the students. Don't worry about not being an engineer, you're still able to help! Also be willing to share your story with students and provide words of encouragement.

What to wear?

Please arrive in your HAK volunteer shirt. If you do not have one, please contact Harry Kennedy ( / 585 749 4056)

Coming soon to volunteer Portal

  • Signups

  • T shirt ordering

  • background checks

  • Specific needs

  • Volunteer Training

  • Teacher onboarding

  • volunteers stats, and rewards