What Teachers are Saying

"So, one of the things that I really liked about this, and what I’m hoping that the kids see, and I know that I’ve seen a couple of them, just that lightbulb go off. but the connection between the two-dimensional schematic theoretical to what we did today with the soldering irons, and seeing and actually making, physically making the connections. Like a lightbulb went off. Three of the kids where they can see alright, this wire is connecting here to the positive side because I need it to go through here. The diode is here because , and so they’re getting that second part to it." -Celeste Sanders, Teacher

What Students are Saying

AJ Commenting on her traditional classroom experience...

"We didn't actually do hands-on, and I'm a kinesthetic learner, so I have to do things hands-on to know what to do. [My teacher] just gives us a paper, or she gives us a PowerPoint, and we just have to write notes down from that. So I think this is a better way to learn circuits. 

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