Your Robotics Class Has Limits, We Don't

Summer Camps at HAK Electornics


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Why HAK Electronics?

  • 10 minutes from Downtown (Easy/Flexible drop-off on commute to work)
  • Curriculum Created by Engineers
  • Focused for Student Preparedness
    • Going to a STEM middle/high school?
    • Want skills for an internship?
    • Need a resume for a top tier college?
  • Take Home Actual Projects
    • 3D print a case. Put a circuit inside. Sell it on Etsy? It's possible here!
  • Fun and Learning
    • Our students fly drones, but then learn to calculate flight time to see who was most efficient. We're engineers at heart, so we can't resist analyzing data and creating a game out of it.

Summer is Coming

Our class sizes are small and will fill up fast. Don't hesitate to send an email to with any questions. 

Limited sponsorship and financial aid available. Contact us for more details.