The Dallas STEM Innovation Lab

HAK Innovation Lab

What Happens at the Lab?

At the lab, students learn by doing! Our goal is to enhance the curiosity inside every child, and give them an environment to create whatever their minds can dream up. We offer DIY courses, make and takes, and a maker space feel while encouraging engineers of all ages to design whatever they can think of.

Want to build an automatic pet feeder? Want a better alarm to keep out siblings? Our team of educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs will help mold the idea to an actual product they can take home.

HAK Electronics Lab

Activities for Any Student

The best learning happens with a diverse group of students. We welcome students from ages 8 to 80, no matter their experience level. New students will learn the basics while advanced students can push their skills to the next level. We cover a range of topics including 3D printing, robotics, circuits, and the Internet of Things.


Why We Created the Lab


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Student Development in the Lab

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We focus on teaching students the fundamentals of stem