Simplifying Technology for Students of All Ages. 

This website is for STUDENTS, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, with a central focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers. 



We break down complex engineering concepts and show that anyone can learn how to create with circuit boards. This is the foundation of being an engineer: identifying complex problems and breaking them down to create a solution. We plan to cover subjects that appeal to engineers of all skill levels. For inquisitive students and parents/teachers we have workshop materials that are simple to teach. Starting to get the hang of engineering? Many of the past projects can be used to learn and understand how to start your own original project. As your skills develop, tackle more advanced concepts including board design and soldering.

At HAK Electronics, we provide the tools to learn and prepare for an exciting career as an engineer!


Harry Andrew Kennedy Jr.  

- Founder and CEO

Harry Kennedy founded HAK Electronics to align his passions of teaching, engineering, and learning. After receiving his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University, he moved to Texas to work at Texas Instruments. He quickly learned about the devices that go into cellphones, computers, and cars. He communicated these concepts to engineers overseas by focusing on the fundamental concepts to create a better understanding.

Harry  credits his 10th grade teacher with starting him on the path of an engineer. This teacher taught him to appreciate the challenge of finding a solution. Harry’s mission is to make sure that HAK Electronics inspires students the same way that his teacher inspired him. HAK Electonics’ method of teaching is transforming how students approach challenges, all while building their confidence and competence.

Still asking why Harry?

  • Adept Electrical Engineer
    • Experienced circuit board designer, with new product development skills
    • Focused on problem solving, and showcasing the value behind the work
  • Experienced Presenter
    • Hands on workshops recruiting with Texas Instruments, Inc.
      • Mentored students with a focus on understanding the "Why"
      • Taught board design and lab skills to 40 college engineers
    • Presented and spoke to over 500 students as an organizational chair
  • Strong Industry Experience
    • Presented an individual company project to Senior VPs
      • Through a top talent, program after working 12 months (typically offered at 3-8 years)
    • Supports an automotive family penetrating into a $700M market
    • Explains how to implement devices into diverse customer systems
    • Published documents promoting devices for customer's end equipment

The Rest of the HAK Electronics Team

Full Bios coming soon. Advisors not listed. 

Harry Kennedy, CEO & Founder

Oscar Yu, Product Development Lead

Darin Carter, Business Development Lead

Sakennia Reed, Curriculum Lead

Onochie Onyegbule Digital Marketing Lead