Teaching Engineering and Creativity to Students in Dallas Texas

To Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers

HAK Electronics, a STEM education makerspace based in Dallas, Texas, provides weekend classes, after-school curriculum and summer camps. HAK Electronics is a place for engineers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike.  We focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers by breaking down complex engineering concepts and showing that anyone can learn how to create with circuit boards. 

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STEM Education Workshops in Dallas, TX

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Workshops at the HAK Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab

Check out our headquarters where we put those young engineering minds to the test.

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Signature Workshops

Learn about the core curriculum we provide our students.


Upcoming Events

Find out how you can join in on the engineering action we have planned.



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Trusted Education Throughout Dallas

Our engineering background helps students to visualize all the different careers for Engineers. We often have engineers young and old stop by to talk about the work they do, and how they were inspired by an engineer.

When students know they’re around engineers, they’re more comfortable to talk about that big idea they’ve had. We then make it possible for them to build their idea while learning about the parameters of design (time, feasibility, tradeoffs).

This approach is why we’ve taught all throughout Dallas.

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