Fun STEM DIY for kids coming to Dallas in 2019

Finally, a way to teach students how to design products is coming to Dallas, TX

One of our students were fascinated when they learned how to make the ring of lights from an arcade game.

One of our students were fascinated when they learned how to make the ring of lights from an arcade game.

HAK Electronics, a technology company focused on teaching students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), will start their new DIY series in February of 2019. This class is perfect for students that are creative but need an extra hand in turning that creativity to full product development. This class is also built to teach the topics needed for the future workforce, including problem solving, resourcefulness, and continuous improvement.

I’ve noticed that when we’ve worked with talented students, they struggled on developing an idea or concept when they didn’t know what the final answer was in the moment. This class is our way of teaching students that it’s okay to start a project without knowing what the final product will look like. Amazon started as a bookstore, and Apple started selling computers. Our classes will teach students the tools to develop an idea over a longer period of time, and I’m excited to see what will come out of focused creativity!

- Harry Kennedy, CEO of HAK Electronics

The DIY courses will start the first Sunday in February and each month will have a new theme. Students will create full products that they take home across many different topics. Students will build headbands that light up, arcade games, and even a fully functioning cell phone that can send texts!

HAK STEM DIY session for kids

The first of the DIY series is filling fast. Classes are Sundays in February from 2pm - 4pm. Students will learn to build arcade games using coding and hardware. This class is meant for students with no previous experience coding. For more information, check out the product below! Questions can be answered by emailing or call 585-749-4056

HAK DIY Series: Arcade Games (February)
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